Questions and answers

General Questions

Absolutely yes, and we welcome any ideas or suggestions from Jet It Up jetters!

The best way to suggest something is to join our Facebook group

Alternatively use the options on our contact page to get in touch

Visit the password recovery page to enter your username and receive a link to reset your password in your e-mail box.

If you did not provide us with a password to access your account, because you use a service like Twitter or Facebook, then the recovery page will display the different login options you have used. You can reset your password with them should you need to, and continue logging in with it.

Should you have forgotten your password, not provided us an email address, and not use any other service to login then you should get in touch with us

Flights Center

Clicking on any entry in the list of flights takes you to the flight details page displaying all information for the selected flight


The Flight Center list can be sorted by clicking on any of the column headers


Free text filtering can be done by entering something into the text box above the list. The search can accept the following entries:

  • Airport city names
  • Airport IATA codes
  • Airline names
  • Fight Dates

Deleting a single flight

On the flight details page, a delete option is available through the Actions menu. Clicking this will remove the flights and send it to the recycle bin

Selecting Multiple Flights

Whilst on the Flight Center home page, one or more flights can be selected by checking the boxes next to the flight date


Change the number of flights displayed in the list to save time deleting multiple flights on different pages


Once selected, hitting the Delete button will prompt to remove the flights and send them to the recycle bin

On the flight details page a panel is available for rating both the departure and arrival airports, as well as the airline. Click the star that represents how you feel the level of service was and this will be saved immediately.

Flights that occur in the future cannot be rated until after they have occurred

There are six categories to rate airports and airlines, some example questions for each category can be found below:

Airport Rating Categories

Airline Rating Categories

You can download all the flight information you have in Jet It Up by clicking on the Export button in the flight center

This file can be imported back into Jet It Up without modification, or with additional flights, by using the CSV upload option in the import center. However, it will not update existing flights should you change any of the information.


On the top right of the infographic there is a date filter that enables simple or advanced date range filtering for your infographic. Clicking on any of the static options will instantly show the selected time period, clicking within the dates for a custom range will display a calendar popup allowing you to customise the start and end dates to display.

The small figure found on some of the data panels are used to show comparison values. Initially when accessing the Infographic page you are presented with your statistics for all the flights you have entered (your all time statistics). The comparison figure will therefore show the same value as the primary statistic.

Should you use the date filter to view a different date range, e.g. This Year, then you will notice the smaller figure is different and the arrow indicator may change. This is showing you the comparison between the current date range and the same statistics for the previous date range. So, if you are viewing This Year's statistics, then the comparison will show the difference from Last Year, This Month shows the comparison for Last Month, and so on.